Lumie lights to be used in Cambridge University research into Huntington’s Disease

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie is to supply some of its lamps for use in a research study into Huntington’s Disease that is to be conducted by the School of...

April 12 2016

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Make Clock Change Easy with Lumie Light Therapy

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie says waking with light is the key to managing clock change on Easter Sunday.   On Sunday 27 March we lose an hour’s sleep as...

March 21 2016

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Lumie & Polyphotonix to speak at the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie are partnering with medtech company Polyphotonix to present a fascinating talk on the role of light in our health as part of the forthcoming e-Luminate...

February 12 2016

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Elite British swimmers going for gold with Lumie light therapy

British Swimming’s elite athletes are using Lumie light therapy in their training protocol as they prepare for the Olympics in Rio August 2016. In 2015 the elite British Swimming team...

February 02 2016

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Airparks’ night workers trialling Lumie lights

Airparks’ night workers are benefiting from Lumie light therapy as part of its new wellbeing initiative running in January. Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie have loaned their most powerful lightbox...

January 28 2016

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Lumie lights to shine at Leeds and Nottingham Trent Universities

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for two innovative light therapy initiatives being run by Leeds and Nottingham Trent University Unions over the next month. Leeds University Union...

January 11 2016

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