Leeds University Switches on Lumie Lights for Light Cafe #leedslightcafe

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for a light cafe running from today to 19th January at Leeds University Union. Now in its third year, the café provides...

January 09 2017

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Lumie light therapy key to coping with clock-change

Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie share their top tips for coping with the clock-change and beating the winter blues. On Sunday 30th October, we gain an hour’s sleep as the...

October 25 2016

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Lumie launches new premium Bodyclock Luxe for optimal sleep and waking

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie is delighted to announce the launch of Bodyclock Luxe 700 (RRP £170), a wake-up light alarm clock with sleep technology that offers a high quality...

October 18 2016

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Lumie lights to shine on at Cambridge University Library

“AMAZING! This lamp vastly improves my energy and concentration in the dead of winter. Who would have thought light is so powerful?” Orla The Lumie bright lights that have been...

October 05 2016

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Lumie lights to be used in Cambridge University research into Huntington’s Disease

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie is to supply some of its lamps for use in a research study into Huntington’s Disease that is to be conducted by the School of...

April 12 2016

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Make Clock Change Easy with Lumie Light Therapy

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie says waking with light is the key to managing clock change on Easter Sunday.   On Sunday 27 March we lose an hour’s sleep as...

March 21 2016

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