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NewsNov 23

The Wake-Up and SAD Lights on Everyone’s Christmas List

Christmas may be on the way, but the gloomy, dark and not-so welcome mornings have already arrived! Give the gift of a life made bright this holiday season with Lumie.

NewsMar 8

Lumie Stands with Ukraine

Woodrow Wilson once said that the history of liberty is a history of resistance, and while we’re in awe of the brave Ukrainian people making history standing up for their freedom and their country, we’re deeply distressed by the developing humanitarian crisis. We’re heartbroken for those who’ve lost their lives, livelihoods, homes, or freedom fighting for Ukraine or standing up for the truth.

NewsMar 6, 2021

Spring Forwards on Clock Change Day

This year's clock change falls on Sunday, 28th March. Our country's "roadmap out of lockdown" has us all hoping that, unlike last year, we'll soon get to properly enjoy the extended daylight hours and evenings spent outside with our nearest and dearest.

NewsJan 1, 2021

"Light is Critical for Your Health and Wellbeing" - Sleep Researcher Reveals Top Tips on How to Thrive This January

NewsNov 28, 2019

Lumie x Buzzbar: "World's Largest SAD Lamp" Installation in Shoreditch

NewsMar 26, 2018

No Light Blues for Cambridge as They Win Boat Race 2018

NewsMar 15, 2018

Lumie Lights Powering the Cambridge Men’s Crew in this Year’s Cancer Research UK Boat Race

The Cambridge University Men’s Crew has been incorporating Lumie light therapy into its training regime ahead of this year’s Cancer Research UK Boat Race which will take place on Saturday 24th March.

NewsMar 9, 2018

Working Around The Body Clock

Shift work is known to affect sleep patterns and disrupt circadian rhythms though how well people cope with it can varies a lot. Trying out a more personalised solution to the problems of shiftwork, researchers matched workers to the shift schedules that best fitted their individual body clock.

NewsOct 2, 2017

Parenting Expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith Recommends Lumie Bedbug

Most people know now that blue light is best avoided at bedtime because its alerting effect can make it difficult to fall asleep. So when we were designing Bedbug, a sleep aid for children, it made sense to keep blue light out of their bedroom.  

NewsFeb 2, 2016

Elite British Swimmers Going for Gold with Lumie Light Therapy