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Quick GuidesJun 21, 2022

Celebrating Summer Solstice with Bex Parker Smith

We know how good the sun makes us feel! So, to celebrate Summer Solstice, we've teamed up with yoga teacher and writer, Bex Parker Smith, to embrace Surya Namaskar and the yogic Summer Solstice tradition of practicing 108 sun salutations! Join Bex in celebrating the sun and all its wonderful benefits with a short Sun Salutation session, and read on to learn more about the practice of Surya Namaskar.

Quick GuidesJun 13, 2022

Father's Day Gift Guide for Ultimate Wellbeing

Whether you’re wanting to treat your father, grandfather, father‑in‑law (or favourite father‑figure), we’ve rounded up some of our favourite wellness brands to give the gift of wellbeing this Father’s Day!

Quick GuidesJun 5, 2022

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Ever wondered why we're programmed to go to bed when it's dark and wake when it's light? Spoiler: it's not because our ancestors decided their sleep pattern would follow the rising and setting of the sun. It's due to human biology and something called our circadian rhythm. Not sure what that is? Don't worry, we're here to explain.

Quick GuidesMay 25, 2022

What is Biophilic Design? How to Design a Home for Your Wellbeing

Did you know we spend 90% of our lives indoors? And since the pandemic, a large percentage of our time inside has been spent at home. Now more than ever, our homes act as multifunctional spaces. From working and socialising to exercising and sleeping, our homes have become more than a status symbol. But how do we create spaces that look after our wellbeing, while serving their newfound purpose? It's time to say hello to Biophilic Design…

Quick GuidesMay 10, 2022

5 Journal Prompts for Mental Wellbeing

Quick GuidesMay 4, 2022

How is Burnout Affecting Your Sleep?

Quick GuidesApr 21, 2022

What is Sleep Anxiety and How Can You Treat It? Advice from Sleep Expert Stephanie Romiszewski

Do you go to bed worried or frightened that you might not be able to get to sleep? You could be suffering from sleep anxiety. Whether you’re concerned about physically getting to sleep or dreading how distressing and lonely it feels to lay awake in the middle of the night, these negative thoughts before bed can be incredibly anxiety-inducing. Does this sound familiar? We’ve teamed up with Sleep Expert Stephanie Romiszewski to share her top tips for understanding sleep anxiety and how to treat it.

Quick GuidesApr 13, 2022

1-2-1 Breathing to Help You Sleep from Richie 'The Breath Guy'

You've had a crazy day at work and feel exhausted - it's time to hit the hay. You get into bed but your mind is still racing through everything that happened today or all the things you need to do tomorrow. Even though your body is tired, for some reason your mind just won’t shut off. Sound familiar? Then breathwork could be the answer...

Quick GuidesApr 4, 2022

How to Reduce Stress Before Sleep: Expert Advice from The Joyful Coach

Do you often find yourself stressed and unable to get a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone! Research has shown that high levels of stress can reduce your time spent in REM sleep (the deepest sleep stage), as it triggers your ‘fight or flight’ response. This causes your heart rate to elevate, your breathing to quicken, and prompts a surge in cortisol (your stress hormone). Not the ideal environment for a peaceful night’s sleep! That’s why it’s so important to prioritise your evening routine, making the hours before sleep as stress-free as possible.

Quick GuidesMar 23, 2022

How To Spring Forwards This Clock Change - Without Losing Any Sleep

Quick GuidesMar 18, 2022

5 Ways to Create a Restful Sleep Environment

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place where you close the door and say goodbye to the noise from the outside world. A room designed with only your wellbeing in mind. That’s the key to Biophilic Design, creating a space that improves both your health and happiness. From choosing a calming colour scheme and embracing the power of plants, to banishing blue light and investing in your bedding, we're here to share our 5 top tips for creating a restful sleep environment.

Quick GuidesMar 17, 2022

How to Ban Your Phone from Your Bedroom in 3 Easy Steps

Quick GuidesMar 14, 2022

What is Blue Light and How is it Affecting Your Sleep?

We’re all guilty of using our phones before bed, whether that’s looking through Instagram, catching up with friends, or trying to complete the day’s Wordle. But did you know this late-night scrolling could be ruining your sleep?