Best Books about Sleep

If you're anything like the average person living in the UK, the likelihood is that you're not getting enough sleep. You think you've tried it all; no caffeine in the afternoon, breathing techniques, more regular bedtimes, maybe even counting sheep - and yet a good night's sleep is still something you merely (day)dream about. It's time to take the matter into your own hands, literally: go ahead and pick up one of these top rated books on sleep...

September 11 2019

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Sleep 101: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is crucial in maintaining good physical and mental health; yet with so many of us struggling to get enough good quality sleep, it doesn’t always feel as easy and natural as it should! Introducing some good sleep hygiene habits can be a positive step towards getting more and better sleep (feat. expert advice from a sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski). Read more....

September 03 2019

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1-2-1 breathing to help you sleep from Richie 'The Breath Guy'

You've had a crazy day at work and feel exhausted - it's time to hit the hay. You get into bed but your mind is still racing through everything that...

July 04 2019

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Cambridge University Women's Boat Club Use Lumie Lights

Today, on International Women's Day 2019 and just 30 days ahead of this year's Boat Race, we catch up with the amazing ladies from the Cambridge University Women's Boat Club (CUWBC). Completing 10-12...

Women's Health: Bright Light Therapy for Perinatal Depression

A recent King’s College London (2018) found that 1 in 4 pregnant women have mental health problems. Around 11% of the subjects were found to suffer from depression. According to...

World Yoga Day: Meditation App Giveaway + Energising Flow

This World Yoga Day we hear from the lovely Mariel, our special guest Blogger, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach Mariel of In her article she'll guide you though a series of movements and intention...

February 22 2019