Secrets of the Body Clock with Terry Wogan

Did you see 'Secrets of the Body Clock with Terry Wogan' last night? Sir Terry presented a very informative overview that demonstrated how light at regular intervals is crucial to keep our internal body clock ticking along.

Terry Wogan discovers just how little light there is indoors; only 54lux compared with 12,000lux outside - and it wasn't even sunny.

The show also featured some of Lumie's favourite scientific experts - Debra Skene from Surrey Sleep Research Centre and chronobiologist Sir Russell Foster - who explained how our body clock copes with the modern 24/7 lifestyle and biological factors such as aging and blindness.

One in five in this country do shiftwork and many of us spend only an hour outside each day. On top of that, the lens in our eye thickens and yellows as we get older and, with less light getting through, the body clock starts to lose track of time. This explains why our sleep patterns generally change as we get older e.g. waking earlier, napping in the afternoon.

Sir Terry visited a nursing home where residents are having extra bursts of daytime light therapy to combat these effects and re-align their body clocks (you can read related research articles here). Can't believe they weren't using Lumie Arabica or Brazil but apparently 'other light therapy products are available'...

You can still watch it on the BBC website .

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January 08 2014

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