Research shows Bodyclock Active makes you more active!

Lumie has links with British Cycling, British Rowing and British Swimming and has been actively involved in investigating the benefits of light therapy for both elite athletes and regular sports enthusiasts. The Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University used Bodyclock Active in one of their research programmes to see what impact waking up with light would have on performance and their findings have now been published (read the full abstract).

The researchers started off by looking at 'sleep inertia', the proper term for waking up with that groggy, still-half-asleep feeling. Using a dawn simulator like Bodyclock Active is known to reduce sleep inertia so researchers got eight sufferers to come in to their Chronobiology Laboratory for a two-part sleep study. 

Compared with waking in dim light, the 30-minute sunrise from Bodyclock Active left participants feeling more refreshed and alert on waking up. During the first couple of hours after waking, participants were given various cognitive tests and the results show that average reaction times in this group were significantly quicker. In addition to the mental tests, there was also a physical challenge where they had to complete a 4km cycling time-trial as fast as possible; waking up with light shaved an average of 21 seconds from their time.

Dr. Andrew Thompson, corresponding author of the study, said: "Light is very important for keeping our internal body clock aligned with the world around us. If our body clock is not aligned properly, we can find it difficult to perform daily tasks. The results from this study demonstrate how light therapy can be used to increase alertness and improve human performance soon after waking. Dawn simulation could be effective for those who find it difficult to wake-up, especially during the winter months when the sun rises later. As further research is conducted on these devices we will hopefully be better able to understand the underlying mechanisms involved and optimise advice for users."

If you're into 'marginal gains' or simply need help shaking off sleep for an early morning workout or training session, here's evidence that waking up with Bodyclock really can kick start your day.

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