Archery GB's Nicky Hunt targets jet lag with light therapy

It seems that more and more athletes are investigating light therapy and looking for ways to incorporate it into their schedule. British Swimming have been using Bodyclock since 2010 and in the last couple of years we've teamed up with British Cycling and British Rowing. We're also contacted directly by coaches and trainers, sports science experts and athletes who are interested to find out more about how light therapy can help.

That's how we heard from Nicky Hunt, double gold medal-winner for the Archery GB team in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. Nicky's aiming to be in Rio in 2016 and was encountering one of the problems that come with top-level competition: "I've just got back from China and I'm travelling to Columbia in two weeks, both to compete in World Cup stages. I feel I could really benefit from Lumie products to help with the jet lag!"

Since she mentioned she could also do with a lift during the winter months, we suggested Zest, a compact LED device for SAD and winter blues that's small and light enough to pack for use with a jet lag plan. "I used it earlier on in my season when I was traveling to World Cups in Shanghai and Columbia. I am really looking forward to using it this winter, I think its going to make a big difference to me then." Hopefully, Zest will help to keep her energy levels up, her body clock on track and her sights on that Olympic target.

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