8 Things Commuters Can Relate To

It’s not just you. Waking up fresh as a daisy can be difficult.

1. Being a commuter means you dread your alarm clock; it has become your nemesis, haunting your dreams.

2. In fact the snooze button isn't really an option any more.

    3. Even when you manage to throw those covers back, you have a struggle on your hands to open those eyes and start feeling awake.

    4. Flicking on the light is a necessary evil that feels like it is burning your retinas.

    5. All that snoozing means that you've got to rush, which inevitably leads to the odd accident.

    6. Making breakfast becomes a weekend treat; on weekday mornings it’s just too much to handle.

    7. You rely on coffee, it is your saviour and wakes you up enough to get out of the house on time to make the commute.

    8. Even so, you’ll always want to catch those last 40 winks on your way in.

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      October 24 2014

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