Last chance to join the 'See the Difference Challenge'

"I’ve been using my Lumie Clear now for a week, every night, and I’m so pleased with the progress already,” says Sam one of the participants in the ‘See the Difference Challenge’.

“From the first use the redness in my acne was significantly reduced and it was an awful lot less angry-looking when I woke up the next morning. The red light worked quickly like you said it would – it was a very pleasant surprise to see a difference after just one use! My skin is well on its way to clearing up and I look forward to the rest of the progress.”

The See the Difference Challenge aims to keep you motivated to use your Lumie Clear acne light. Using the portable hand-held device for as little as 15 minutes per day can have clinically proven results and make you look and feel better. Just send us a quick update and selfie each week, so that you can share your progress as you beat acne.

Others have already started their 12 week selfie-diary and there's still time for you to join. Sign up now and you'll be entered into the prize draw to win a Hand Picked Hotel gift experience.

Daisy was one of the first to take part; she's now nearly completed her light therapy treatment and has noticed a huge difference: “Lumie is still helping to keep my spots at bay and my skin feeling smooth. I feel I am nearly there with old marks fading as I use Lumie every day.”

Some acne sufferers said they were so self-conscious before discovering Lumie Clear that they found taking their initial photos incredibly difficult. If acne has affected your self-esteem you might like to have a look at the See The Difference blog which covers issues such as wellbeing, diet and make-up. Others, like Jaime, notice an improvement from their first treatment with Clear and see significant improvements within a few weeks as the skin becomes calmer and less inflamed and spots get smaller and fewer.

Simply sign up before 14 February to take part and see the difference within 12 weeks. What have you got to lose but your spots?

January 21 2015

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