WIN Lumie Clear and lose your acne

If you’re struggling with mild to moderate acne and have tried every pill and lotion out there without success, why not try Lumie Clear?

Lumie Clear is a hand-held light therapy device for treating mild to moderate acne safely. It can be used alongside existing treatments and typically achieves a 76% improvement in the appearance of your skin within 12 weeks - our Lumie Clear Challengers are already ‘seeing the difference’.


Daisy before treatment and after 12 weeks of using Lumie Clear as part of the See The Difference Challenge 


Now’s your chance to win Lumie Clear and see the difference for yourself. Simply ‘like’ us on Facebook and then reply to one of the competition posts, making sure to include the Lumie Clear fact mentioned in each one and #seethedifference, e.g. Lumie Clear is a natural acne treatment #seethedifference. Good luck!


If you want to start treating your acne straightaway but don't want to miss out on the competition, then you can buy Lumie Clear today and still enter; if you’re lucky enough to win, we’ll simply give you a full refund.

Competition T&Cs


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