Try Bodyclock and SAD lights in the Lumie Light Room

Autumn in all its colourful glory has arrived. We look forward to getting cosy around a log fire, crisp walks through the leaves and watching the fireworks on Bonfire Night. But, for most of us, this idealistic image of autumn does little to mitigate the dread as mornings get colder and darker and getting out of bed becomes harder and harder. Nor do we look forward to having to cope with the strains and stresses of everyday life when all we want to do is hibernate!

If this is you, then why not try waking with light? Lumie Bodyclock is designed to wake you gently with a gradual sunrise and has been shown to improve mood, energy, productivity and the quality of sleep and awakening1. The sunset feature helps you to wind down naturally at bedtime, setting you up for a better night’s sleep.

You can then use a SAD light like Lumie Brightspark during the day to give yourself a boost of energy when you need it. It looks smart on your desk for work or you can pop it on a counter top in your kitchen to benefit from the light as you cook and eat. Bright light in the daytime also helps to regulate sleep/wake patterns - just don’t use it too close to bedtime.

Lumie Bright in the the Lumie Light Room    Lumie Bodyclock Starter in the Lumie Light Room

Lumie Brightspark and Lumie Bodyclock Starter in the Lumie Light Room

We’re delighted to be teaming up with specialist bed makers Warren Evans to create the Lumie Light Room at their flagship store in London where you can experience Lumie lights for yourself. This innovative installation, hidden away under one of the railway arches in the Camden showroom, looks just like a normal darkened bedroom so you can experience the light therapy like you would at home. Lie down on a comfortable bed next to Lumie Bodyclock or sit at a dressing table to try Lumie Brightspark.

If you’re not in London then you can still enter our Sleep Naturally autumn competition with Warren Evans. This is your chance to win Bodyclock Starter, Bodyclock Iris or Brightspark SAD light  - we have one of each to give away. 

Lumie Bodyclock Starter (£59.95) – is the perfect introduction to light offering a 30 minute sunrise and sunset with optional alarm beep. Both the light and display are fully dimmable.

Lumie Bodyclock Iris (£160) – combines light therapy with aromatherapy for the first time. It comes with two separate chambers to make it easy to switch between a relaxing oil like lavender for sunset and an uplifting one like lemon for the morning. This luxury product also comes with remote control and a range of sleep/wake options.

Lumie Brightspark (£115) – is a compact lightbox that’s ideal for use at home or in the office. Use it as a SAD light or simply to boost your mood and energy during the day. Even 20 minutes will be helpful but use it for more like 45 – 90 minutes if you have seasonal affective disorder (the treatment is cumulative so you don’t need to have it all in one go).

Not sure if light therapy is for you or just plain confused about the different products on offer? Then you might find our ‘Choosing the right light’ tool helpful. And of course, you’re entitled to trial the product at home for 30 days which gives you plenty of time to try it out for yourself. If you buy one of these products today and then win one in this competition, we’ll refund you the full amount!

Sleep Naturally competition details:


For a chance to win any of these products - you can enter all three if you like - simply answer the questions below (the answers are on this page) and follow the link to complete the entry form. Competition ends 31 October 2015.

To win Lumie Bodyclock Starter:
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To win Lumie Bodyclock Iris:
How many aromatherapy chambers does it have? Click to enter

To win Lumie Brightspark:
How long should you use it for to treat seasonal affective disorder?
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    1 Acta Psychiatr Scand. 1993 Jul; 88 (1): 67-71