I put Bodyclock on my Christmas list

Natalie runs a brand communications agency in London and commutes by train from Hertfordshire.


"Having to rise early, I would regularly feel ‘ripped’ from sleep by the sound of my alarm and being woken so suddenly would shake me up and get the morning off to a bad start. This feeling was made worse by difficulty dropping off to sleep due to anxiety – the night would then feel very short as I would permanently feel tired.


I have suffered for about eight years with bad sleep – the result of long work days, early starts and travel – plus a high-stress job. Over the years, this has impacted my life as my husband would complain that I was irritable and short with him; I also had difficulty staying calm when work got stressful.


I decided to try a Lumie Bodyclock as my interest built up over time; I read an article in a magazine, noticed a poster and saw the lights in John Lewis.  Eventually, I researched my options and put the Lumie Bodyclock on my Christmas list. The first year, no one bought it for me. When it appeared on the list again for the second year, my husband knew I really wanted one!


As well as using light therapy, to help me sleep better I have also cut down on coffee. I also exercise more regularly and I have learnt techniques to deal better with worrying – you have to work at it daily, but you get results!"

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