Winners agree office lightboxes are a bright idea

Eat With Your Eyes, a design, branding and marketing agency in Bedford, were the winners of our competition to win a month of free light therapy in January. The past few weeks staff have been waking up with Bodyclock at home to tackle the gloomy mornings and a selection of our bright lights have been il-Lumie-nating the office.

Partner Jason Beeby explained “We all start work just after 7am and so the difference in light is only too apparent. When you come back to work after the Christmas break and the mornings are dark it can make you feel quite lethargic and getting motivated proves difficult. We are keen to see how effective these products will be and who responds to it!”

Paulo Ventrone, Account Manager, has been using Desklamp and says “I don’t tend to suffer from SAD but I do notice the difference in how much energy I seem to have when the mornings and evenings are darker. The Lumie lights have transformed the office because they seem to have the power to make you unaware of the time and that outside it’s completely dark and cold! We have even found that putting some of the stronger ones behind our monitors creates this lovely soft lighting that makes a real difference."

Kate Chaundy is in charge of PR and is really pleased with her Brightspark: “As most people in the office know, I’m not a morning person and I struggle so much in getting up and motivated when it’s cold and dark outside. I can’t explain how beneficial these lights have been: for starters, simply walking in and it being very bright but with soft lighting makes you immediately feel quite relaxed. The different lights mean that we can enjoy different levels of brightness rather than the harsh strobe light effect you associate with an office and although it may be slightly psychological, we haven’t stopped smiling!”

Look how dark it is outside their windows!
SAD & energy lights work

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