Bodyclock revolutionised my sleep patterns

Voice over artist Richard Heathcote says he's definitely a night owl and admits to being 'utterly hopeless in the mornings'.


"For years I’ve had to wake up early to go to various networking meetings and such like, often at the crack of dawn, and sometimes before the sun has even woken up. I’ve just used my phone’s alarm function and I always woke up horrendously, feeling sluggish and unproductive, which isn't great when you're self employed! I’d seen people raving about Lumie lights so, before Christmas, the one thing I asked for was the Lumie Bodyclock Active.

And, I have to say, it absolutely works. I was sceptical initially, thinking 'It can't be THAT good'. But I've slept so much better and, more importantly, woken a lot better, bright eyed and bushy tailed, feeling completely refreshed and not remotely groggy (which is a miracle in itself).

Since I’ve been using the Bodyclock, which has completely revolutionised my sleep patterns, I ended up buying Desklamp to give me a boost when I'm working. And again, I can't sing it's praises high enough. It's like having a proper dose of sunshine streaming in at you. Using this for 30mins or so throughout the day is a real boost, helps productivity and alertness, and generally I feel so much better.

I really recommend you look at these lamps if you suffer like I do. It can make drastic changes! As I write this now, I have the lamp on shining at me, and it does change your mood! You feel perky, productive and generally happier."

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