Lumie takes up the SwimBritain challenge

British Gas SwimBritain is a series of 4000m relays taking place around the UK this September and since swimming is fantastic for health, well-being and fitness – three words Lumie can really get behind - we've put together a team that have just started training for this exciting new swim challenge.

Introducing the Lumie Swim Team (from left): Olivia, Charlie, Lumie PR Manager, Lauren and Millie.

They’re competing at the London Lido (an outdoor pool!) on September 29th and we’ll be tracking their progress throughout the coming weeks. Gold-medal-winner Rebecca Adlington, OBE has advised the team to train “little and often” rather than exhausting themselves in the pool just once a week and - thankfully - SwimBritain have the same idea, providing a full British Swimming accelerator programme with a training outline to help participants reach full potential before the big day.

The Lumie Swim Team completed the first two of twenty sessions at Newmarket Leisure Centre. The first session, consisting of warm-ups and technique practice followed by a high-adrenaline hour, covered distances of just 400m but really drove home some of the issues facing the team. For example, it soon became apparent that the right kit would be important if they were going to take the competition seriously – there were a few swimsuit malfunctions from the start! Lauren found front-crawl breathing particularly tricky, swallowing vast quantities of pool water, and Charlie’s asthma made the start a struggle. But after Thursday morning’s session, coach Adele noted an “impressive improvement after just ten lengths” and Charlie too noticed it getting easier as the week progressed.


So... a promising start so far! Over the next week, the team will look to find their strongest stroke for the competition. Olivia showed great strength in the breaststroke – could this be the final choice? We'll keep you updated and will also reveal more training tips from Olympic swimmers and swim-enthusiasts. If you're a swimmer you can swap tips and training stories with #LumieSwim on Twitter and on Facebook.

For full details or to join in the British Gas SwimBritain challenge visit the SwimBritain website.

If you would like further information, access to scientific research, case studies or comments from academic experts, please do not hesitate to contact the Lumie press office on 01954 780500 or email

August 16 2013

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