Reality of SwimBritain training sinks in...

It’s week two of training for the British Gas SwimBritain challenge and the personal distance involved in the 4x1000m relay has started to hit the Lumie Swim team. The SwimBritain Accelerator Programme had them increase their swim to 550m this week and they certainly noticed the difference.

Lauren met Chris lord, Lumie sponsorship manager at British Swimming, to discuss the event and the other teams taking part and explained that while the size of the competition and build-up to it doesn't worry her, the distance involved on the day does: “My legs are like lead in the water. My arms do all of the work with front crawl and I'm sure I could make the stroke quicker and more efficient if I was doing something more with my legs!"

Team member Olivia is also finding the distance daunting and is worried that the competition feels very soon and she still hasn't decided on a stroke. However, she's thoroughly enjoying the sessions and has started swimming most mornings with a neighbour who can easily do 50 lengths – a real motivator for her. And Lumie swimmer Charlie actually found this week easier, pushing herself to swim almost double the number of lengths she managed last week so they need to think positive!

With that in mind, British 1500m swimmer Daniel Fogg had some top tips for the team:

The Accelerator Programme also includes tips for each session with this week’s being, “Stay streamlined – with each push off the wall, stretch your body, keep your arms outstretched above your head and point your feet and toes.” Keep your tips and training updates coming in to #LumieSwim on Twitter or on Facebook – we’ve had some fantastic ones so far - and hopefully they're helping anyone else who’ll be with us in London on September 29th!

For full details or to join in the British Gas SwimBritain challenge visit the SwimBritain website.

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August 23 2013

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