Lumie SwimBritain team splash and burn

The Lumie SwimBritain team are six sessions into their training programme now and disaster has struck - Charlie has injured her foot and will need a minor op! With less than a month to go before the big day, everyone is anxious to find out when she'll be able to get back in the pool.

Meanwhile, training continues. The other team members are now swimming 650m and have all noticed an improvement. Lauren's still concerned that she has a long way to go to achieve a good pace over the required 1000m. However, she's on holiday in Morocco soon and assures us that it won't all be lazing on a sun-lounger: "The thought of training in the sun makes it a lot more appealing!" Olivia's been focusing on breaststroke and it's now her fastest stroke. She's also noticed that the aches and pains that used to follow training are barely there anymore so she's able to enjoy the sessions more. Millie was unable to make group training this week though she did swim another day to catch up; it was harder to focus without the support of her team-mates but she still reckons there's been a definite increase in stamina and improvement in her breaststroke: "All in all, a good week."

#LumieSwim get back to basics with floats to improve their kicking technique.

Instead of giving you the Accelerator Programme tip for this week, we thought we’d share the session’s fact: did you know that up to 90% of your body weight is supported in water, creating a safer exercise environment for people with injuries? It’s particularly beneficial for people with joint problems so if an injury is keeping you from taking part in SwimBritian, see your GP – swimming may, in fact, be the perfect thing! We've got one more piece of advice, with this week's top tip from Lumie favourites commentator Alan March and open water swimmer Cassie Pattern:

We’ve had lots of fantastic tips from you this week and there'll be more helpful hints on the blog next week. This is an event for all abilities so do let us know how your sessions are going and how you're coping with the challenge: #LumieSwim on Twitter or on Facebook.

For full details or to join in the British Gas SwimBritain challenge visit the SwimBritain website.

If you'd like further information, access to scientific research, case studies or comments from academic experts, please contact the Lumie press office on 01954 780500 or email

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