Lumie SwimBritain team go the distance!

It's an extra-special SwimBritain blog today, rounding up the last week with its rollercoaster of emotions and challenges leading up to the event itself on Sunday. As part of the last-minute preparations, the Lumie team were honoured to receive a final tip from World Champion and World Record holder, swimmer Liam Tancock:

While having fun was definitely on the agenda, the main concern for the team was their speed. Olivia admitted, “I'm getting so nervous about doing it! I think and hope I can do it - even if it is a struggle and a bit slow. I am definitely doing breast stroke, which calms me down a little, but I’m still worried.” Lauren, too, was confident about her 1000m "but it will be at a fairly steady pace. I'm hoping that eating the right foods, good sleep and a boost of energy via light therapy will compliment the adrenalin rush and give me the boost I need to pick up some pace!”

Anyway, they had nothing to worry about, completing the 4000m challenge at London Fields Lido in 1 hour and 57 minutes - a very respectable time, especially for beginners. They were particularly pleased with the fact they can now say they have competed against Olympians: Mark Foster and Cassie Patten took part in the event and Lauren even found herself reaching a buoy at the same time as Nick Robinson Baker... though he soon swam out of sight.

The Olympic SwimBritain team completed the challenge in 1 hour and 13 minutes but they were given a run for their money by a team that didn't have even county-level swimmers - what's the betting they'll be getting a call from British Swimming coaches soon?! It goes to show that anyone can compete at a high level with the right training and determination.

The LumieSwim team with open water Olympian and Lumie fan, Cassie Patten.

The team members had a brilliant day and kept Facebook and Twitter followers updated throughout the day with live Tweets, posts and pictures (click here for more photos). They're convinced they'll carry on swimming, which is the whole point of SwimBritain, so whilst they may not be on the 'Road to Rio' we're still very proud of them. Well done Lumie!

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September 30 2013

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