Lumie at the BlogOnToys conference in Manchester

Last weekend we traveled to Manchester to attend another amazing BlogOn conference: #BlogOnToys. The event was held at Hotel Football in Manchester and it had a truly festive feel to it.

Our stand was located in the 'Brand Den' where we showcased some of our latest products from the Bodyclock range, including Spark 100, Glow 150 and Shine 300, along with our friendly little Bedbug. Heaps of fantastic bloggers (and fellow exhibitors!) were captivated by the sleep/wake-up alarm clocks; many of them complemented the new designs while visibly enjoying the soft glow they emitted. Nonetheless, it was the Lumie Bedbug that stole the show (which came as no surprise seeing as the majority of the crowd consisted of parenting bloggers). 

We held a number of great conversations with a lot of inspiring, strong and talented mum- and dad-bloggers, many of whom shared their struggles surrounding bedtime routines. "My 2 year old wakes frequently several nights a week and starts the day at 5 am - and has a blue nightlight!", said one of the concerned mums. Indeed, as discovered by a renowned parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith, many parents don't realise that the majority of the nightlights out there inhibit sleep rather than promote it. Lumie Bedbug on the other hand utilises very low levels of blue light, even at full brightness. When dimmed, it produces a soothing peach-coloured glow which allows the child to drift off naturally to the soft glimmer of warm light. Lumie Bedbug also features a 15-minute sunset mode which provides a gentle transition to nighttime. A lot of the parents we talked to were amazed to discover the importance of using the right spectrum of colours at bedtime; and we were so pleased to (quite literally!) shine some light on the issue.

We hope the stories that were shared with us will soon be transformed by the mighty little Bedbug and instead we'll hear many more tales of relaxed and joyful bedtimes. To find more about Lumie Bedbug, head over to its product page; for more tips from Sarah Ockwell-Smith on how to improve your little one's nighttime rituals click here.

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