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Light-changing gift ideas from Lumie!

Magical lights aren't just for Christmas trees. When you give someone a Lumie light, you're giving a gift that really could change their life. Light therapy can make a huge...

Win Lumie Clear and beat your acne!

Have you got acne that you can’t get rid of? Are you fed up with pills and potions that don’t work and maybe even give you unpleasant side effects? Then...

September 01 2015

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Last chance to join the 'See the Difference Challenge'

"I’ve been using my Lumie Clear now for a week, every night, and I’m so pleased with the progress already,” says Sam one of the participants in the ‘See the...

January 21 2015

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Concerned about long-term use of antibiotics for acne?

Acne sufferers can spend months, if not years, on a mix of antibiotics, contributing to the problem of resistance and experiencing side-effects, because GPs do not have guidelines to recommend...

November 18 2014

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