Come over to the (not so) dark side at Cambridge University Library

Last October, at the start of the academic year, Cambridge University Library ran a pilot study with Lumie lights: they were so well received they're using them again this year. Visitors using Lumie...

October 05 2016

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Lumie lights, camera, action: Sascha Kindred prepares for Rio Paralympic Games

With the Paralympics underway in Rio here's an interview with Sascha Kindred OBE, one of the most successful British Para-swimmers of all time talking about his training and preparations with...

September 12 2016

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Huntingdon's Disease research to include Lumie lights

Lumie is supplying lights for use in a research study into Huntington’s Disease being conducted at the School of Clinical Medicine’s Neurology Unit at Cambridge University. Lumie Brazil lightboxes are being donated...

Brighten your mood with some light exercise

Spring seems to be taking its time to arrive properly with unsettled weather set to continue and even threats of snow at Easter. If you're still struggling to shake off...

Research finds 'no seasonal difference in depressive symptoms'

You may have seen the news about research that claims there's a lack of evidence of any seasonal differences in depressive symptoms. The newspapers have been quick to pick up...

January 25 2016

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Leading lights at Leeds and Nottingham Trent Universities

Over the next month, Lumie will be supporting two light therapy initiatives developed to help keep students on top form during the winter. Last year, Leeds University successfully pioneered the Leeds Light...

January 11 2016

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