Light therapy has life-changing potential - professional manager tells his Lumie story

Light therapy can literally be life-changing claim Lumie, Cambridge-based specialists in this area.

As winter approaches, those dark mornings can make waking and getting up harder and harder for many of us, especially if you fall in the 24%* on the winter blues spectrum in the UK. Add in the grind of an early commute 5 days a week, or a shift pattern that means waking up in the early hours, and life can quickly become unbearable.

Pete Southern is a 25 year-old Purchasing Manager who lives in the north-east of England. He is affected by SAD and his commute to work means he has to wake up early. Here he tells his Lumie story:

“For years, I’ve really hated the lack of sunlight in winter. It has always lowered my mood, even since I was at school. I now drive 37 miles each way to work every day so, to beat the traffic, I usually leave around 6:45am. I set off for home around 6pm. This means my commute is in darkness for most of winter, and while I sit near a large window at work, I get very little direct sunlight.

I’d read about SAD, and the more I found out about it, the more I believed it was affecting me. I had my doubts about how effective light therapy would be for me, but after witnessing my downward spiral throughout autumn, my girlfriend bought me Lumie Bodyclock Starter for my birthday. Within a week I could see the difference. When my alarm goes off, I no longer turn it off and go back to sleep feeling so grumpy about the thought of starting the day that I don’t care that I might be late for work. I have loads more energy and my mood has totally improved.

I decided I still wasn’t getting enough, so I decided to try Lumie Brazil. I doubted it would have much effect, but, given the 30-day trial period, I thought I had nothing to lose. I was astounded by the results; I stopped falling asleep at work, and needing so much coffee just to get through the day. I have since added regular exercise, daily meditation and vitamin D supplement to my routine, all of which are helpful, but light therapy has definitely made the biggest difference for me.

My brother, who I work with, was so impressed he asked to borrow my Lumie Brazil. Three days later he ordered one for himself. I lent it to my mother who also bought her own. Now I can’t see how I ever lived without it, and coming back into winter now, I’m no longer dreading the constant feelings of lethargy. Thanks Lumie you changed my life!”

*Data based on an ICM Online Omnibus Survey conducted for Lumie in 2007/8 in which 2,000 people in the UK were polled.

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