Wake-up lights

Bodyclock is a range of dawn simulators – alarm clocks that wake you up gradually with increasing light. The light resets your internal body clock each day to create a healthy sleep cycle, help you get up and feel alert, refreshed and energetic all day. Zest is a SAD light that also has works as a wake-up light.

SAD lights

These lightboxes provide summer levels of bright light to treat SAD, lift mood, boost concentration and restore natural energy. SAD and energy lights are designed for use at work, at home and when travelling.


Light therapy is the exciting new approach for treating acne. Light reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and heals the skin, an effective and clean alternative to prescription drugs and creams.

Follow testers taking part in the See the Difference challenge on our dedicated Lumie Clear site, www.lumieclearskin.co.uk.


Lumie has created an innovative bedside lighting product that promotes a calm bedtime and good night’s sleep for babies and young children.