Spare daylight spectrum bulb for Lumie Pharos MAX, REGULAR and VARI SAD lightboxes
Lumie Pharos SAD lightbox

Pharos Max, Regular, Vari daylight spectrum replacement bulb

If you (or the person you're buying this for) suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) you can claim VAT relief on products designed to help. By selecting 'Yes, I have SAD - do not add VAT' you agree to the following declaration:

I declare that I suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder and that this zero-rated VAT product is for domestic or personal use. The supply of this product is eligible for relief from Value Added Tax under Group 12 of the Zero-Rate Schedule to the Value Added Tax Act 1994.


Replacement bulb for Pharos MAX, Pharos REGULAR and Pharos VARI light boxes. Pharos MAX takes six of these bulbs, Pharos REGULAR and Pharos VARI take four of these bulbs.


5400K cool white

Broad spectrum bulbs are available if you prefer a warmer light.