stylish energy light for home or work


Small footprint, good distribution of cool white light and excellent contrast make this a versatile SAD lamp for home or the workplace. Use daily to lift mood, boost concentration, restore natural energy and treat the symptoms of SAD.

  • Just as sunlight naturally makes you feel good, topping up with extra bright light in the winter months, or when you're stuck indoors, is proven to put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake. Using Brightspark every day makes a big difference to symptoms of SAD such as tiredness, over-eating and a lack of energy and motivation.

    • Small footprint makes it ideal for any table or desk
    • High-contrast light makes it great for reading
    • Independently verified to deliver the industry standard 10,000 lux at 20cm
    • Brushed aluminium finish
    • Recommended treatment time: 45-90 minutes
    • Can be switched on all day, or make up your recommended session by dipping in throughout the day
    • Comes with two 24 W daylight spectrum bulbs

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    • Brushed aluminium case
    • Integral handle
    • Light output: 10,000 lux at 20 cm; 2,200 lux at 50 cm
    • Typical treatment time: 45-90 minutes
    • Bulb(s): 2 x 24 W daylight spectrum
    • Size (H x W x D): 40 x 14 x 14 cm
    • 3-year warranty
    • Class IIa medical device
    • Weight: 2.10 kg
    • Download operating instructions for Brightspark
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