Bodyclock Luxe 700FM

complete light and sound experience for easier sleep and brighter waking


FM radio, high-quality Bluetooth speakers and 20+ sleep/wake sounds. Fully customisable sunrise and sunset with low-blue light feature especially for bedtime lighting.

  • Bodyclock Luxe 700FM is an alarm clock that mimics the light of a sunrise so you start the day naturally, feeling properly awake and refreshed. Waking like this helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has even been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels.

    One of the new generation of Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights, Luxe 700FM uses improved LED technology to produce smooth changes of light and colour for a lovely, realistic sunrise and sunset. Extra customisation options allow you to choose the duration of the sunset and sunrise, light intensity of the sunrise alarm and add complementary sleep/wake sounds.

    At night, Bodyclock Luxe 700FM has a fading sunset to help you relax and a low-blue light feature especially for bedtime lighting. By keeping blue light to a minimum you’re ready for sleep and can drift off easily. As your room gets dark, the light-sensitive display switches off to help you switch off.

    Luxe 700FM (and Luxe 750DAB) are top of the Bodyclock range with stylish extras such as glass shade and cloth-covered speakers. Luxe 700FM has FM radio and high-quality Bluetooth speakers plus a selection of over 20 sounds to wake up and fall asleep to, from classic birdsong and waterfall recordings to background café chat and fading thunder.

    Other features include a nightlight setting, 7-day alarm and tap-control snooze.

    A wake-up light like Bodyclock Luxe 700FM is not just a much nicer way to start the day. It can help beat the winter blues and is a useful complement to a lightbox in treating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The British Swimming team use Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights to get them up bright and early for training on dark, winter mornings.

    • Low-blue light to minimise alerting effect before bedtime
    • FM radio
    • Bluetooth for streaming radio or your music
    • Mimics the colours of a real sunrise and sunset
    • High-quality audio
    • Glass lamp cover
    • Gradual sunrise and sunset from 15 to 90 minutes
    • Adjustable light intensity for a gentle or bright sunrise
    • More than 20 sleep/wake sounds including white noise
    • Nightlight option for fading light that stays on at low level
    • Daily/weekly alarm
    • Light-sensitive auto-dimming display
    • Tap-control snooze

    Compare Bodyclock features

    • Sunrise/sunset duration: 15 to 90 minutes
    • FM radio
    • Optional beep alarm
    • Sounds for sleep and wake-up
    • Dimmable bedside lighting
    • Snooze feature
    • Fully dimmable display
    • Nightlight feature
    • Power failure back-up
    • Low-blue light for bedtime
    • Adjustable sunrise light intensity
    • Bluetooth for streaming
    • 7-day alarm
    • Glass lamp cover
    • Mixed LEDs
    • H W D: 20 x 23 x 13 cm
    • 3-year warranty
    • Class 1 medical device
    • Weight: 1.10 kg
    • Download operating instructions for Bodyclock Luxe 700FM