light therapy for waking

light therapy for waking

Many people have to get up earlier than they'd like - to commute, start shift work or to train - and find it a struggle to get going. Teenagers often languish in bed because they stayed up late. Some people would simply say they are 'not a morning person'. Whatever the reason, many of us do not feel awake in the mornings. We manage, but we are not at our best, and often become fatigued later in the day.

Finding it hard to get up is often a biological problem, where the systems in our brain that control our sleep have got out of sync. This creates sleep inertia, the inability to feel alert and perform when we first awake.

Feeling awake through light therapy

Studies have shown that wake-up lights like Lumie Bodyclock, that gradually turn on and get brighter during the last 30 minutes of sleep, can reduce complaints of sleep inertia. The light stimulates production of hormones that help us to get up and go, while suppressing those that bring on sleep.

Oversleeping in the morning could also indicate that your body clock is set at a later time than desired. The light of Bodyclock can help to reset the body’s natural rhythms to suit the working day better and make you feel more awake and refreshed when you have to get up. Lumie’s lightboxes, which can be switched on while you eat breakfast, will also help to reset the body clock.

Adjusting your body clock with bright light will not only help you to feel more awake in the morning. It will lift your mood, energy and productivity all day, and help you to feel ready for sleep when it’s time for bed.