About Lumie

Based just outside Cambridge, UK, Lumie has been researching, designing and developing light therapy products for over 25 years. A wealth of technical expertise and consumer feedback goes into creating well-being products that harness the natural benefits of light for a life made bright.

Our lights treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues, boost mood and energy levels and improve sleep.

Lumie invented the very first wake-up light back in 1993 and today the Bodyclock range is a best-seller.

We're at the forefront of new applications for light therapy with innovative products like Clear, developed with the support of leading dermatologists for the treatment of acne, and Bedbug, a unique sleep aid for babies and small children.


Dawn of the Bodyclock: (L-R) the very first model, some old favourites and current top-of-the-range model, Luxe 750D. 


As Europe's leading light therapy specialist, we have strong connections within the scientific community including research at Cambridge University into Huntington's diease. Lumie is also part of the EuRhythDia consortium investigating circadian rhythms and type 2 diabetes.

Our lights are enhancing the study environment at Cambridge University Library and we are proud to be a long-standing official supplier to the British Swimming team who use Bodyclock to wake bright and motivated for training on dark winter mornings.

  • We supply to the NHS  and offer the broadest range of light therapy in Europe.
  • Lumie is a member of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), an international group devoted to promoting research and knowledge about the effects of light. 
  • The distance and lux level (the standard measure of brightness received) specifications for our lights are all independently verified. 
  • Lumie is certified to ISO 13485 Medical Devices, Quality Management Systems standard. Our wake-up lights, SAD lights and Clear acne light have passed rigorous health and safety tests and are supported by published clinical research to meet the Medical Devices Directive EC93/42/EEC. 
  • Our lights come with 45-day trial and 3-year warranty 
  • The Customer Care team at our UK offices is available for expert advice and product support.

    Lumie, specialists in light therapy and only light therapy.