Clear user guide

Lumie Clear allows light therapy in the privacy of your own home and at a time that suits you.

Follow these simple and recommended guidelines for optimum performance (for further details refer to the User Guide that comes with Lumie Clear).

Decide the area you want to treat. If you want to treat specific areas, perhaps the chin or nose area, then choose the hand-held option for close-up use. If you want to treat a wider area, such as your face, neck, shoulders or back, then use Lumie Clear with the stand.

Choose the treatment time that you need. The time required increases with the distance from your skin. See the table for details:

Distance Recommended treatment time
Skin / near contact 15 minutes per day
10cm / 4in 30 minutes per day


Plug in the device, set the timer, sit back and let Lumie Clear work its magic.

Once the timer has gone off and your treatment time is up, simply give the device a quick wipe with an alcohol wipe (or a damp cloth and warm water) to keep it clean and then it’s ready to use again.

See Using Lumie Clear for further tips and additional information.

For rapid results use Lumie Clear regularly, treating the affected area for 15 minutes every day. Once the skin is clear it can be used as required to maintain control of spots.

For large areas, such as the back, Lumie Clear is best used with its stand; this requires a longer treatment time, so think of it as a spa treatment and catch up on your reading or emails while it works on your acne.