Refer a friend

If you love your Lumie light, tell your friends. More people get to hear about light therapy, your friends get a special deal and you get rewarded - everybody's happy!

How 'refer a friend' works

  • You receive a unique 'refer a friend' link.
  • You share the link with your friends. 
  • Friends click on your link, get a special incentive and make a purchase.
  • Then they get their own 'refer a friend' link to share.
  • You get your reward!


What's my reward?

You'll receive a £10 Amazon voucher by email.  

Will I get a reward for all purchases made by friends I refer?

Your friends must use your link for their purchases to count towards your reward. You can get unlimited rewards but only one per friend so refer everyone you can think of! 

What happens if my friend cancels the order or is given a refund?

This rarely happens but, if it does occur, your reward for that particular referral will be invalidated. For this reason, rewards are issued 30 days after your friend's purchase.

Are there any restrictions on how I can refer friends?

You can email or text your unique link as well as refer friends via your social media accounts. If we detect lots of activity from other third-party websites (e.g. coupon websites) this could invalidate your referrals and may get you blocked from the 'refer a friend' program.

How do my friends benefit?

Your friends access a special incentive via your link. Once they've made a purchase, they also receive their own unique referral link so they can start referring their friends and collecting rewards.

When does the program end?

Referred friends need to make a purchase by 5 October 2015.

What is ReferralCandy? is the partner that powers our Refer A Friend program.


Lumie can change these terms and conditions at any time. If we do, we'll update this page.