Lumie press: keeping light therapy in the spotlight

Summer must be around the corner, if only because the media is starting to fill up with features about getting ready for the bikini season and staying safe in the...

June 17 2015

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New research pinpoints brain region responsible for SAD

Experiments with swimming mice have provided researchers with a big break in identifying the region of the brain that's primed to respond to seasonal light cycle changes such as those that...

May 08 2015

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WIN Lumie Clear and lose your acne

If you’re struggling with mild to moderate acne and have tried every pill and lotion out there without success, why not try Lumie Clear? Lumie Clear is a hand-held light...

May 01 2015

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Dawn simulators v Bright lights for SAD

Dawn simulators - also called wake-up lights - have a valuable role to play in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) according to the latest research led by medical...

Lumie Clear testers really can See The Difference

People trialling Lumie Clear in our See The Difference challenge are reporting significant improvements in their skin and the first to complete, Daisy Dykes, is thrilled that her skin is now...

March 26 2015

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Don't fall back to sleep - spring into action!

Last year, you liked our plan for a seamless circadian switch to British Summer Time so we're posting the details again ready for this weekend when the clocks go forward....

March 24 2015

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