8 Things All Commuters Can Relate To

It’s not just you. Waking up fresh as a daisy can be difficult. 1. Being a commuter means you dread your alarm clock; it has become your nemesis, haunting your...

October 24 2014

Change at Lumie to wake up brighter

Clock-change weekend is coming up (remember to set your clocks back an hour early Sunday morning) which means those grim, winter mornings won't be far behind. Unless you walk or...

October 23 2014

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Evening light improves morning cycling performance

More research has just been published showing how light can be used to gain a sporting advantage. It's well-known that light is just about the most important factor in controlling...

October 09 2014

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Archery GB's Nicky Hunt targets jet lag with light therapy

It seems that more and more athletes are investigating light therapy and looking for ways to incorporate it into their schedule. British Swimming have been using Bodyclock since 2010 and...

'Lumie Desklamp changed my life' - a writer's story

Thea Bennett is a successful writer who has several publications under her belt. Her Lumie Desklamp has kept her company as she’s written seven children’s books under different pen names...

Glowing skin all year round with Lumie Clear acne light

Getting out in the sunshine can do more than lift your mood and many acne sufferers find their skin improves over the summer holidays. Whilst this can be a temporary...

September 01 2014

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