Lumie Clear testers really can See The Difference

People trialling Lumie Clear in our See The Difference challenge are reporting significant improvements in their skin and the first to complete, Daisy Dykes, is thrilled that her skin is now...

March 26 2015

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Don't fall back to sleep - spring into action!

Last year, you liked our plan for a seamless circadian switch to British Summer Time so we're posting the details again ready for this weekend when the clocks go forward....

March 24 2015

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Working around the body clock

Shift work is known to affect sleep patterns and disrupt circadian rhythms though how well people cope with it can varies a lot. Trying out a more personalised solution to...

March 18 2015

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Shift work, diabetes and light therapy study is underway

Last April (here's the initial post) we got involved with a European study into the circadian rhythms of shift workers and the apparent link with diabetes - shift workers have...

Travelling light on First Great Western

Passengers today enjoyed the first ever SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) therapy train carriage on the First Great Western 7.06am train from London Paddington Station to Penzance, Cornwall. First Great Western...

February 03 2015

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Last chance to join the 'See the Difference Challenge'

"I’ve been using my Lumie Clear now for a week, every night, and I’m so pleased with the progress already,” says Sam one of the participants in the ‘See the...

January 21 2015

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