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Can Sage Green Improve Your Wellbeing? Expert Colour Advice From Lick's Tash Bradley

Can Sage Green Improve Your Wellbeing? Expert Colour Advice From Lick's Tash Bradley
Signifying peace and growth, green is the perfect choice for homes this New Year. Making a name for itself as ‘nature’s neutral’, green – and sage green in particular - radiates a sense of calm and tranquility. But can the popular shade improve your wellbeing? We’re joined by Lick’s Director of Interior Design Tash Bradley to explain why you should introduce this grounding hue into your home.

We know that certain colours can *speak* to us more than others, influencing the way we feel and affecting our mood. But have you ever wondered why we have such a powerful reaction to colour? Thanks to the study of colour psychology, the impact of colour and its association with emotion has been widely researched. Green has often been affiliated with nature and new beginnings, offering a sense of security and peace. 

Tash explains how this calming hue has become increasingly popular since the rise of biophilic design, the concept of designing a home for your wellbeing:

People are now living in more built-up, urban areas and don’t get outside as much as they should. I think we’ve lost that connection to nature which we’re desperately trying to bring back. Using natural colours that influence biophilic design, which is very much about living closer to nature and working with light, is incredibly important for our own wellness and mental health. Tash Bradley - Lick’s Director of Interior Design
Lick's range of green paints

As biophilic design has been built on the concept of biophilia, the innate human attraction to nature and all that is alive, green is often the first colour that comes to mind when creating a home that reconnects you with the outdoors. But how can bringing green into your space positively impact your wellbeing?

Green is the colour of balance and harmony and it helps people feel more restful, reassured and safe. Not to get too scientific, but the reason why green is such a restful shade is because the eye doesn’t have to adjust to it, which instantly makes it very relaxing. The perfect choice for calming bedrooms! The only thing I would say about green is that it typically has a lot of yellow in it and the more yellow added, the more stimulating it can become. I recommend going for a soft sage green or a lovely muted earthy green that very much encourages a restful home. Tash Bradley - Lick’s Director of Interior Design
Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB in Sage and Lick's Green 05

If you’re looking to create a restful bedroom scheme, take Tash’s advice and introduce shades of sage green. You could transform your room with Lick’s range of grounding green paints, add accents of green with houseplants or invest in our brand new Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB wake-up light in Sage! Not only does the latest addition to the Lumie family complete a calming green scheme, it also improves your sleep and overall wellbeing.

Just like our ancestors synchronised their body clock to the natural rising and setting of the sun, Lumie wake-up lights slowly send you to sleep with a fading sunset and rouse you from sleep with a gentle sunrise. This gradual light helps your brain to distinguish day and night in our modern world of technology, alarms and unusual working hours. Say goodbye to your phone's harsh alarm and hello to a restful sleep environment!  

Want to learn more about waking with light? Just click here! And if you'd like to learn more about colour psychology, Lickor just want some interior inspo, you can follow Tash on Instagram.