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Cambridge University Women's Boat Club Use Lumie Lights

Cambridge University Women's Boat Club Use Lumie Lights
Today, on International Women's Day 2019 and just 30 days ahead of this year's Boat Race, we catch up with the amazing ladies from the Cambridge University Women's Boat Club (CUWBC). Completing 10-12 training sessions a week throughout autumn and winter, all the while attending lectures or working on their PhDs, the CUWBC squad are time-management superstars and each and every one of them an inspiration.

Having last year introduced the men at CUBC to Lumie lights and received great feedback - they won the 2018 race and are still using them - we recently dispatched lights for the women to use in their preparation for the 2019 Boat Race. Thirty crew members each received Bodyclock to improve sleep and waking and we also included a number of Vitamin L lights for improved energy levels and alertness throughout the day.

Crew often train twice a day, getting up around 5am to get the train to Ely and get out on the water, followed by lectures then an indoor training session in the evening. The early morning starts continue into the weekend so bedtimes are usually between 8.30 and 11 pm.

During the winter it is really difficult to wake up in the pitch black and be ready for training. I find myself with more energy in the morning waking up with the Lumie light.  Charlotte, 25, PhD student and rower for University of Cambridge training towards the Boat Race

Excited by the positive impact the use of Lumie lights has had on their busy lives, the crew members completed a short questionnaire about light therapy.

- ALL of the respondents noticed a daily boost to energy levels and mood.

- 56% agreed Bodyclock made a big difference to waking up.

- 69% said light therapy made the dark winter mornings more manageable.

- 80% thought it was having a positive impact on performance and readiness to face their training sessions.

- When asked whether they'd recommend light therapy to fellow athletes and non-athletes alike, they unanimously said "yes, absolutely!"       

Lumie light has made waking up a lot easier and nicer, especially when it's dark ! I feel more energised and alert when waking up and less irritable when it's early. I wake up naturally with the light without needing an alarm. The sunset function also makes falling asleep easier/winding down before bed. The light definitely makes getting to training in a good mood easier!  Victoria, 22, lightweight rower studying clinical medicine
Lumie light helps a lot waking up especially when it is dark outside. It makes the transition easier and I feel a bit less tired.  Adrianna, 23, rower and PhD student