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Lumie wake-up lights rouse you from sleep gently with a gradually brightening light, helping you feel energised, refreshed and ready to take on the day. At bedtime, the sleep-optimised lighting allows for restful evenings, with the fading sunset promoting a natural sleep response.
Wake-up lights
With its natural impact on our body chemistry, sunlight plays a crucial role in boosting mood and influencing hormone levels such as melatonin and serotonin. However, when we spend most of our time indoors, especially during winter or in dimly or poorly lit environments, we can experience a decline in our well-being and energy levels. This is where light therapy comes in as a proven method to enhance mood, increase energy, and improve alertness.
How do Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights work?
Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights, use a gradual increase in light intensity along with smooth colour changes from red, orange to warm-white to simulate a natural sunrise. This gentle transition helps regulate your body's internal clock naturally and encourages a more peaceful waking experience, ensuring you feel rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle your to-do list.
Can Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights help improve my sleep quality?
Yes, Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights can improve sleep quality. By using a simulated sunset feature, they create a relaxing environment that aids in falling asleep faster and achieving a more restful night's sleep. The light-sensitive auto-dimming clock display (which can go off or be set to low light) helps create a darker sleep environment, minimises the potential for sleep disturbances and allows for uninterrupted rest. And - last but not least - having Lumie Bodyclock to rely on to tell time and set your alarm allows you to break the habit of keeping your smartphone in the bedroom, which can further improve your sleep duration and quality.
Do Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights have sound alarm functions?
Yes, all Bodyclock wake-up lights include optional sound alarm functions. There’s an alarm beep sound available in our entry-level models (such as Bodyclock Spark 100), while some of the more advanced models offer a variety of sounds, or even radio functionalities, such as Bodyclock Shine 300 or Luxe 750DAB. You can set your wake-up light to play an alarm sound, or nature-inspired melodies at the desired wake up time to ease the transition from sleep to wakefulness (or simply as a reassurance that you will indeed wake up on time!). There’s also a tap-control 9-minute snooze function in all Bodyclock wake-up lights.
Are Lumie Bodyclock wake-up bright enough for reading?
Yes, Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights are designed to provide sufficient lighting for reading or journalling at bedtime. While the primary purpose of a wake-up light is to simulate a natural sunrise and facilitate a gentle wake-up process, Lumie wake-up lights also offer adjustable brightness settings that allow you to use them as a reading light. You can customise the brightness level according to your preference. Whether you enjoy reading in bed or need a soft relaxing warm light source in the evening, Lumie wake-up lights can provide the appropriate brightness and colour temperature for your needs
It’s quite an investment - are Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights worth the hype?
Yes, Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights are definitely worth the hype! Wake-up lights have gained popularity for a good reason -just scroll through the reviews… And have we mentioned Lumie invented the world first-ever wake up light in 1992? Our expertly-developed Bodyclock lights offer a natural and gentle way to wake up in the morning, mimicking the rising sun and gradually brightening your room. This helps regulate your body's circadian rhythm, resulting in a more refreshed and energised start to your day. Wake-up lights can also be beneficial for those who struggle with dark mornings, winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Additionally, some of the Bodyclock wake-up lights come with additional features such as alarm sounds, FM radio or Bluetooth connectivity for streaming your own music, making them versatile and customisable to your preferences. With their ability to improve sleep quality, mood, energy levels and overall well-being, Lumie Bodyclock wake-up lights are indeed worth considering for a healthier and more pleasant wake-up experience, as well as an improved sleep hygiene. Plus, we offer a 45-day trial and a 3-year warranty!