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Bedbug for kids
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Refurbished lights 40 % OFF RRP!

Best-sellers, refurbished.

Good as new (we're all about recycling and re-purposing!), our reconditioned lights come with a 45-day trial and 3-year warranty. ⁠This is your perfect opportunity to invest in light therapy, and be ready for autumn and winter.
Brazil (Refurbished) photo
largest SAD lightBrazil (Refurbished)Out of stock10,000 lux at 35cm, 5,000 lux at 50cm, 3 warm white bulbs. Sunshine in a box!
£199.00Save £79.60

SAD & energy lights (refurbished)

30-60 minutes of treatment timeSunlight is a natural mood-booster, influencing body chemistry (melatonin and serotonin levels). If you're indoors, light therapy is proven to put you in a better mood, boost energy and help you to feel more alert. It can also be an effective treatment for SAD (seasonal affective disorder).Research shows bright light of 2,500 lux improves well-being. Outside on a sunny day, you can take advantage of 100,000 lux but in winter there may be only a few hours of very weak light and indoors the brightest office provides only about 500 lux.
Arabica SAD Light (Refurbished) photo
Arabica SAD Light (Refurbished)Out of stock
7 reviews
Zest SAD & wake-up light (Refurbished) photo
two-in-one deviceZest SAD & wake-up light (Refurbished)Out of stock2,000 lux at 50 cm, cool white LEDs, 5 different light levels.
7 reviews
£150.00Save £60.00
Desklamp (Refurbished) photo
SAD light for home and officeDesklamp (Refurbished)Out of stock10,000 lux at 22 cm, 2 500 lux at 50 cm, removable diffuser, adjustable neck, 4 tap-control light levels.
7 reviews
£144.00Save £57.60
Halo (Refurbished) photo
NEW!Halo (Refurbished)Out of stock10,000 lux at 20 cm, cool and warm-white LEDs, adjustable brightness, warm backlight. Voted the best-looking SAD lamp by The Independent.
£219.00Save £87.60
Vitamin L (Refurbished) photo
Best-selling SAD LightVitamin L (Refurbished)®Out of stock10,000 lux at 16 cm, cool white LEDs, rippled diffuser, portrait or landscape orientation. Game-changer!
6 reviews
£99.00Save £45.00

Wake-up lights (refurbished)

Mixed LEDs, auto-dimming displays, radio or wake sounds alarm.Lumie wake-up lights are like a personal sunrise, a gradually brightening light that gently rouses you from sleep so that you feel naturally wide awake, more energised and ready for the day aheadAt bedtime, a fading sunset creates an environment where sleep comes easily, leaving you rested and refreshed when you next wake.
Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB (Refurbished) — Charcoal
TOP-OF-THE-RANGEBodyclock Luxe 750DAB (Refurbished)Out of stock15–90 minutes sunrise/sunset duration, DAB radio, 31 sleep/wake sounds, high-quality Bluetooth speakers, low-blue light feature, tap-control snooze, USB port
4 reviews
£229.00Save £91.60
Bodyclock Luxe 700FM (Refurbished) photo
Great addition to your bedroomBodyclock Luxe 700FM (Refurbished)Out of stock15–90 minutes of sunrise/sunset duration, low-blue light, FM radio, 36 sounds, high-quality Bluetooth speakers, tap-control snooze
£199.00Save £79.60
Bodyclock Glow 150 (Refurbished) photo
Alarm clock with soundsBodyclock Glow 150 (Refurbished)Out of stock20, 30 or 45 minutes of sunrise duration, 10 sounds, tap-control snooze, fade-to-off or fade-to nightlight option
61 reviews
£119.00Save £47.60
Bodyclock Active 250 (Refurbished) photo
FM RADIO + EXTRA SOUNDSBodyclock Active 250 (Refurbished)Out of stockWake up with a brightening light, from a 15-minute or up to 90 minutes for a more gradual effect. Early birds could also add dawn chorus or rooster wake-up sounds.
15 reviews
Bodyclock Spark 100 (Refurbished) photo
Named Best Sleep tech by GlamourBodyclock Spark 100 (Refurbished)Out of stock30 minutes of sunrise/sunset duration, alarm beep, tap-control snooze, fade-to-off or fade-to nightlight option
57 reviews
£99.00Save £39.60
Bodyclock Shine 300 (Refurbished) photo
Alarm clock with radioBodyclock Shine 300 (Refurbished)Out of stock15–90 minutes of sunrise/sunset duration, choice of light intensity, tap-control snooze, FM radio, 15 sounds including white noise
17 reviews
£149.00Save £59.60
Sunrise Alarm (Refurbished) photo
RefurbishedSunrise Alarm (Refurbished)Out of stock30 minutes sunrise and sunset duration; coloured mood lighting and 5 wake sounds
9 reviews
£49.98Save £20.00
Bodyclock Rise 100 (Refurbished) photo
Alarm clock with beepBodyclock Rise 100 (Refurbished)Out of stock30 minutes of sunrise/sunset duration, alarm beep, tap-control snooze
1 review
£99.00Save £39.60

3-in-1 sleep aid for babies and children

Featuring a sunset simulation, reading and nightlight, Bedbug helps you create a calm environment and promote your child’s natural sleep response at bedtime
Bedbug (Refurbished) photo
Great for childrenBedbug (Refurbished)£45.00Low-blue white, non-alerting orange, red LEDs, 15 minutes sunset, nightlight
13 reviews
£75.00Save £30.00