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Halo - Task Great choice for
home, workshop or office
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Wake-up Lights
Wake up naturally
with a personalised sunrise
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SAD & energy
Your daily dose of positivity
Bedbug for kids
Bedbug for kids
3-in-1 sleep aid for babies and children
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Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
Mini (Refurbished)
4.7 (6)
10,000 lux at 12 cm for a mood and energy boost. Helps alleviate the symptoms of winter blues. Small and compact - easy to take to work or college. More info
1 working day £7.80 / 2 - 3 working days Free
3-year warranty
45-day trial
Small, but powerful
Natural energy
Bright light therapy helps improve focus and beat the afternoon slump
Designed in Cambridge
Top build and light technology from light therapy experts
Powerful LEDs
Providing effective bright light therapy with 10,000 lux at 12 cm
Great choice for home,
workshop or office
Harness the power of light to outshine the winter blues,
beat daytime fatigue and improve mood.
Planet-friendly packaging
Using a mix of paper, cardboard and biodegradable plastic alternatives, Mini’s high-quality box doubles up as a shipping carton.
Optimised for sustainability
In place of lengthy user manuals, you’ll find simple and interactive guides included inside.
  • Functions: Compact and portable
    Easy single-button control
  • Light Source: cool white LEDs (4000 K)