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How to Practice Self-Love with Poppy Jamie

How to Practice Self-Love with Poppy Jamie
Why should Valentine’s Day be reserved for romantic love? Join us in celebrating the most important relationship you’ll ever have…the one with yourself!

Learning to practice self-love is so important, and what better time to start than February? Valentine’s Day often feels like a time to give all your energy and focus to someone else, but how can you do that without prioritising yourself first? We’ve teamed up with Poppy Jamie, author of Happy Not Perfect, to share her top tips for practicing self-love.

When we don’t prioritise the relationship we have with ourselves, it’s easy to start living life according to the demands of others. - Poppy Jamie, author of Happy Not Perfect
Get to know yourself

When we don’t prioritise the relationship we have with ourselves, it’s easy to start living life according to the demands of others (often without even realising it!). Knowing yourself is the greatest wisdom you can tap into, as no one knows YOU better than YOU. When we know ourselves, we make better decisions - and this is key to getting the things we want out of life. 

Create self-love rituals

When practicing self-love, it’s so important to create rituals that help you put yourself first. The one ritual I would prioritise above all else is sleep! Sleep is the foundation for our health and happiness, and we compromise it so often with late nights and early mornings. Getting a good night’s sleep helps us to process our emotions, regulate our metabolism, charge energy levels and support our immune system. Sleep is the best self-care you can give yourself. 

Happy Not Perfect by Poppy Jamie
Learn to love your own company

A lot of people don't like spending time with themselves because their mind feels too busy - and that’s totally normal! Allow the thoughts to fill your mind- and if possible - journal them. Busy thoughts will eventually become quieter, so it's about being patient with yourself. Go slow and start with 'mini' time alone episodes and build it up from there. 

I’m actually launching a 21-day course that’s focused specifically on this. It’s called STUDIO LOVE: The Study of You! The reason I created the course is because spending time alone and getting to know ourselves is like a muscle that needs to be gently exercised and strengthened. Please look out for that if you're wanting to get to know yourself better. 

We hope these tips have inspired you to practice self-love this Valentine's Day - and beyond! Want to hear more from Poppy? You can find her Happy Not Perfect podcast here and you can also follow her on Instagram for more on prioritising self-love and overall wellbeing.