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I Used Lumie Task Every Day For a Week And Here’s What Happened

I Used Lumie Task Every Day For a Week And Here’s What Happened
Anyone working from home will know how difficult it can be to design a workspace that supports your wellbeing. When home doubles as your office, it’s not surprising that work/life boundaries often become blurred. Not to mention how easy it is to become unmotivated when that afternoon slump hits. So, when I discovered Lumie’s new desk lamp Task, I just knew I had to give it a try.

I didn’t quite know what was missing from my home office until I discovered Lumie Task. The new desk lamp is not only a practical light for my wfh set-up, it also claims to support my wellbeing with light therapy and crystal clear illumination (while looking SO good in my workspace!). Since starting my own business I’ve been fully remote, which has come with its own challenges. I made it my mission to transform my workspace to support my wellbeing as we begin the new academic year (and before the dark days of autumn and winter begin). 

Read on to find out what happened when I used Lumie Task every day for a week while working from home. 
Lumie Task in Sage Green
Lumie Task in Sage Green
I established a routine

As well as being a beautiful desk lamp, Task offers bright light therapy to help treat the symptoms of winter blues while improving mood, energy, and alertness. Light is actually the most powerful synchroniser of our circadian rhythm, which is why we go to sleep when it’s dark and wake when it’s light. Getting those strong light cues from my Task lamp in the morning signals the start of my working hours, making me feel awake and ready for the day. Now I’m more productive - thanks to Task’s light therapy - I can finish my work and unwind properly in the evenings. Every self-employed person’s dream! 

My mood improved

One thing that’s suffered since working from home full time is my mood. When I’ve been on my own during the day, I’ve found I can get a little down in the dumps. But having Task as my daily dose of sunshine on my desk this past week has helped me combat these feelings of low energy. The extra light exposure prompts my brain to release serotonin (the happy hormone), making it easier to tackle my daily tasks with enthusiasm and increased focus. It’s also given me a brighter outlook and I’ve been more likely to do the things that make me happy during the day, such as a lunchtime walk or an after work spin class. 

I spent more time at my desk

And can you blame me when my workspace looks this pretty? I’ve previously been guilty of working from anywhere and everywhere in my home; from my bed to the kitchen table. Not only did that significantly impact my productivity, not using my designated workspace made it even harder to switch off and separate my work day from my evening. Having Task has kept me focused and at my desk during the day, whether I’m getting my daily light therapy, or using its adjustable neck to shine light wherever I need it. 

Lumie Task in Sage Green in 'Therapy Mode' - great for video calls!
Lumie Task in Sage Green in 'Therapy Mode' - great for video calls!
It elevated my video calls

When you work remotely, video calls are unavoidable. Because I'm not facing natural light when sitting at my desk, I’ve often found that participants on the call can’t see me properly. While using Task this week, I’ve found that its high-end broad-spectrum LEDs (that closely mimic natural sunlight) have completely elevated my video calls, lighting my face beautifully so people can see me better. 

I slept better

Using Task’s light therapy for just 30 minutes each morning has been a game-changer for my sleep at night as it’s helped to regulate my internal bodyclock. I now find it easier to wind down in the evenings as my body recognises the cues of darkness and begins to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. Using Task alongside my Lumie Bodyclock for better sleep and waking has been a dream combination to support my new wfh routine.