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5 Journal Prompts for Mental Wellbeing

5 Journal Prompts for Mental Wellbeing
We all know the saying, a problem shared is a problem halved. Whether that's talking it out or writing it down, getting what's in your head out into the world can be such a cathartic release. This Mental Health Awareness Week, we're joined by Wellbeing Guru Jodie Melissa to shine a light (no pun intended!) on journaling and its ability to shift your mindset. 

Although journaling seems to be the latest wellness 'trend', writing for your wellbeing isn't a new concept. For years, therapists have used journaling to help people heal from stresses and traumas, and a 2017 study even concluded that journaling can have a positive effect over time on our ability to handle stress. But why is it such a powerful therapy? Research has shown that writing down your thoughts and feelings offers an emotional catharsis, with the concept of ‘getting it off your chest' being therapeutic in itself.

Getting into the habit of journaling was one of the best things I've done for my mental health. Putting pen to paper was how I first started to connect with my mind, it gave me the awareness to know what made me feel good, and what didn't, and over the years it's been a place to put worries or thoughts into black and white and bring some perspective to things.  - Jodie Melissa
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Although journaling can be free-flowing and a great way to get all your thoughts down in one go, it can be daunting knowing where to start. If that sounds familiar, we encourage you to try Jodie's 5 journal prompts for mental wellbeing...

1. What daily practices support your mental wellbeing?
2. What small steps can you take to do more of those or start to prioritise them?
3. How do you show yourself kindness and compassion?
4. What boundaries could you set in relationships to safeguard your mental health?
5. On tough days, I want to remember that...

We’d love to know if you’ve found these prompts helpful! If you’re looking for more advice on all things mindfulness, head over to Jodie’s Instagram or you can visit her website to discover yoga classes and wellbeing workshops.