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Father's Day Gift Guide for Ultimate Wellbeing

Father's Day Gift Guide for Ultimate Wellbeing
Whether you’re wanting to treat your father, grandfather, father‑in‑law (or favourite father‑figure), we’ve rounded up some of our favourite wellness brands to give the gift of wellbeing this Father’s Day!
Lumie Wake‑Up Light

Give the gift of sleep with Lumie Bodyclock. Like a personal sunrise, its gradually brightening light gently rouses you from sleep so you feel naturally wide awake, more energised and ready for the day. Lumie wake‑up lights also have a nightlight feature, so they’re the perfect gift for new dads struggling with an interrupted sleep schedule!  

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 wake-up light
Lumie Bright Light Therapy

Raising children (and big kids!) can be tiring, so help your dad recharge his batteries this Father’s Day with Lumie Halo, our multifunctional light therapy lamp that will improve his wellbeing am‑to‑pm. The darker, winter months will be here before we know it, and bright light therapy has been proven to improve mood, energy levels and productivity and combat symptoms of SAD and winter blues. 

Lumie Halo Multifunctional Light Therapy Lamp
Therabody’s Massage Gun

For the dads that are always on the go, Theragun is the perfect gift. Being a parent is tough, and rushing between work, life and the school run can take its toll on the body. The Therabody massage gun has been proven to improve muscle recovery, sleep, mobility and stress, helping any worn‑out dad to be his happiest and healthiest self.

Theagun Massage Gun from Therabody
Motion Nutrition Supplements

For the dad on the hunt for better wellbeing, Motion Nutrition supplements are a great gift. Their Power Up does what coffee struggles to do, giving a calm, clean and long‑lasting energy without that wired feeling. So, help your busy dad stay focused and productive all‑day without the caffeine‑like crash.

Motion Nutrition Power Up
Headspace Subscription

Men’s mental health shouldn’t be an unspoken topic, so give a moment of mindfulness to your dad with a Headspace subscription. Even the busiest of dads can find a spare 10 minutes each day to unwind, and the Headspace meditation and mindfulness tools help create life‑changing habits that support mental health. If you know your dad is struggling with his mental health, or is looking to bring more clarity into his life, then Headspace is a thoughtful and unexpected gift.

Headspace Meditation Subscription
Harry's Shaving Set

A shaving set is always a fail‑safe Father’s Day gift, but this isn’t just any old store‑bought razor. For the dad into personal grooming, Harry’s Winston Set is the perfect choice, giving everything he needs for a close, comfortable shave – and you can even get it engraved! Better yet, 1% of their sales go to non‑profits providing mental health care services to men in need.

Harry's Shaving Set
Ocushield Anti‑Blue Light Glasses

Is your dad always in front of a screen? If so, Ocushield’s blue‑light blocking glasses are a must‑have! While blue light is great for making us feel energised in the morning, exposing ourselves to it in the evening can have a detrimental effect on our sleep. Ocushield anti blue light glasses block harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes, ensuring a more restful night’s sleep.

Ocushield Anti‑Blue Light Glasses