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Advantage Lumie: Serving Up Natural Energy at Wimbledon IMG House

Advantage Lumie: Serving Up Natural Energy at Wimbledon IMG House
Game, set, light! At IMG House Wimbledon 2024, our Vitamin L and Bodyclock Glow 150 teamed up to boost tennis pros’ energy, as well as to help enhance sleep and ace their performance!

On a sunny Saturday, 29 June 2024, just before the prestigious Wimbledon tournament swung into action, Lumie had the privilege of participating in the exclusive gifting event at IMG Wimbledon House. But what exactly is this coveted “Gifting Suite”? 

What is the IMG Wimbledon House?

Hosted by IMG at a beautiful private residence in Wimbledon Village, the Gifting Suite is a prelude to the tennis extravaganza. Taking place over the weekend before Wimbledon, it’s an invitation-only affair for IMG’s top-tier tennis players who gather to explore a meticulously curated selection of brands and products.

Who visited the IMG Wimbledon House?

Curious about the star-studded guests gracing this exclusive event? Look no further - globally recognised tennis players like the defending Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz, current British number one Jack Draper, the talented Andreeva sisters (Erika and Mirra) as well as Marta Kostyuk,  Zheng Qinwen and many more were among the athletes who joined this elite gathering. As they step off the court and into the intimate setting of the Gifting Suite, participating brands - including Dyson, Jo Malone, and, of course, Lumie - engage with the IMG family on a personal level.

For Lumie, this was a moment to shine—quite literally. Our two best-selling light therapy heroes, Vitamin L and Bodyclock Glow 150, found their way into the hands of these elite players. But why did we choose these particular products?

Bodyclock Glow 150 and Vitamin L: the court-side power duo

As pioneers in light therapy with over three decades of experience, Lumie has become an essential ally for athletes across various disciplines - from swimmers to rowers and now tennis pros! When the opportunity arose to gift Lumie lights to some of Wimbledon’s most sought-after players, we knew we were serving an ace. The light therapy duo of Vitamin L and Bodyclock Glow 150 can truly be game-changing for athletes and everyday folks alike. Together, they allow you to fully harness the power of natural light - from dawn to nightfall - helping you optimise your day naturally. What’s more, these lightweight and portable devices can easily accompany athletes to destinations across the season and beyond.

How does Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 work?

Bodyclock revolutionises early mornings by helping you bid farewell to jarring alarm sounds. Instead, it gently wakes you with a simulated sunrise, tapping into your body’s natural response to dawn. By the time you open your eyes, you’re properly awake, alert and ready for the day ahead. At bedtime, a soothing sunset aids relaxation and promotes natural sleep response in the body. And here’s a bonus: if you’re aiming to break free from late-night scrolling, Bodyclock lets you leave your smartphone out of sight, ensuring better sleep quality and brighter wake-ups.

How does Lumie Vitamin L work?

Vitamin L delivers a daily dose of bright light therapy, enhancing energy, performance and daytime alertness. How? It mimics the intensity and brightness of natural daylight. Sunlight naturally boosts mood, energy and alertness by influencing body chemistry - think melatonin, cortisol and serotonin levels. But during shorter autumn and winter days, extended indoor stays or long-haul travel, we often miss out on sufficient or adequately-timed light exposure. That’s where bright light therapy shines - our powerful lightboxes combat winter blues and daytime fatigue, and help minimise the effects of jet-lag, ensuring athletes stay at their peak year-round.

Better together

The two lights complement each other perfectly to help you feel your best every day, whatever the season. Bodyclock Glow 150 nudges you from slumber gently in the morning and helps you drift off to sleep easily at bedtime, while Vitamin L, your portable slice of sunshine, mimics natural daylight to invigorate your body and mind throughout the day. Whether you’re chasing a grand slam win or simply chasing the sun, Lumie light therapy duo has you covered!