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Lumie Stands with Ukraine

Lumie Stands with Ukraine
Woodrow Wilson once said that the history of liberty is a history of resistance, and while we’re in awe of the brave Ukrainian people making history standing up for their freedom and their country, we’re deeply distressed by the developing humanitarian crisis. We’re heartbroken for those who’ve lost their lives, livelihoods, homes, or freedom fighting for Ukraine or standing up for the truth.

Our homes are our sanctuaries; safe spaces that fill our lives with light and where a restful night’s sleep is always an option. With the UN estimating that as many as 4 million people could become displaced due to the devastating invasion of Ukraine, we are donating 25% of our lumie.com sales this month to the Disaster Emergency Committee, a coalition of 15 leading UK charities providing emergency aid and rapid relief to people suffering during the conflict. The money donated will help provide food, water, medicine, warm clothing, and shelter to those who have had to flee the safety of their own homes.

What you can do

We ask for any help you can offer, whether that is peacefully protesting, speaking to your representatives, or helping to stop the spread of misinformation online. We also encourage you to donate money if you’re in a position to do so. Below are links to trustworthy organizations in need of funds to continue supporting the people of Ukraine.

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)
UN Refugee Agency
The British Red Cross
World Health Organization