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Why Creatives Need a Lumie Task

Why Creatives Need a Lumie Task
Creatives will recognise the positives of working in natural light, but as we approach winter and the evenings draw in, our ability to work in natural light becomes increasingly restricted.

Fortunately, the reduction in available natural light does not need to provide a hurdle for creative workers. The newly-launched Lumie Task is a game-changer and a definite must-have.

What is Lumie Task?

Lumie Task is a benefit-driven desk lamp, designed to bring the positive effects of natural daylight indoors. It offers crystal-clear illumination for maximum visual comfort, and as a bright light therapy lamp, it contributes to improved mood, energy and alertness. With its sleek, minimalist appearance, adjustable brightness and ergonomic design, Task is the first of its kind.

How can Lumie Task benefit creatives?

Lumie Task has high-quality LEDs with CRI 95+, meaning that it has exceptional colour rendering. As many creatives will be all too familiar, inconsistent light can pose challenges to their work, and even more so as we head into winter and the amount of available natural light becomes more restricted. With Lumie Task, you have a consistent light source which allows you to see colours and textures as they truly are, and its clear illumination makes it excellent for fine detail work.

Fine detail work with Lumie Task
Fine detail work becomes clearer with Lumie Task
What do creatives say?

Don't just take our word for it. Aga, a Stationery Designer at Papier, shares her experience: "Painting with the Lumie Task Lamp felt like painting with natural light – every colour came alive, and the light remained consistent. The Lumie Task Lamp is ideal for both intricate painting and indulging in captivating reads. As a designer, I'm all about the details, and the Lumie Task Lamp totally gets it. Its brilliant brightness illuminates my creative space while being oh-so-easy on the eyes – a delicate balance of light and comfort after looking at a laptop screen for most of my day."

How can Lumie Task promote eye health?

Lumie Task isn't just about enhancing your creative process; it's also about caring for your eyes. Miss Radhika Rampat, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, highlights the eye protection and enhanced visual experience provided by Lumie Task. She states, "Research shows Task’s lighting technology offers both eye protection and an enhanced visual experience. Task’s broad-spectrum LEDs, with balanced red and blue components and high CRI, mimic natural daylight for maximum visual comfort. Combined with healthy eye habits, like regular breaks and proper screen ergonomics, Task helps to reduce vision strain and promote eye health." Miss Rampat's expertise in ophthalmology underscores the importance of Lumie Task in maintaining optimal eye health.

Lumie Task
Lumie Task provides crystal clear illumination
Stay inspired and energised all year round

Lumie Task is the ultimate desk lamp, allowing your creative genius to shine without limits. If you are looking to enhance your light therapy experience further, a Lumie wake-up light makes the perfect addition to start the day with a gradual sunrise, leaving you feeling more energised!