Sunrise Alarm

natural way to wake up and fall asleep


Sunrise and sunset effects for a natural way to wake up and fall asleep. With coloured mood lighting and 5 wake sounds.

  • Sunrise Alarm simulates a sunrise to help you wake up naturally. The sunrise starts 30 minutes before your alarm time and slowly brightens over half an hour to wake you gently. Snooze button gives you another 5 minutes in bed.

    If you like the reassurance of an audio alarm, Sunrise Alarm has an optional alarm beep or a choice of 5 natural sounds, including birdsong and a purring kitten.

    When you're ready to sleep, touch the sunset button and the light will dim over 30 minutes to help you relax. The display can be switched to low or off if you prefer.

    Sunrise Alarm can be used as a dimmable bedside light or for coloured mood lighting. Choose one colour or cycle slowly through the full sequence.

    Sunrise Alarm is our lowest-priced ever wake-up light.

    • Gradual sunrise of 30 minutes to wake you naturally
    • Fading sunset of 30 minutes helps you drift off to sleep
    • Alarm beep (optional) plus 5 wake sounds: Blackbird, Osprey, Goats, Tree frogs, Kitten purring.
    • Dimmable display (high-low-off)
    • Snooze
    • 10 light levels of warm white light for sunrise/sunset
    • Coloured mood light: green, red, blue, pink, orange, light blue

    For more extensive sleep/wake-up features, take a look at the new Bodyclock range.

    • Sunrise/sunset duration: 30 minutes
    • Optional beep alarm
    • Sound for wake-up only
    • Dimmable bedside lighting
    • Snooze feature
    • Fully dimmable display
    • Coloured mood lighting
    • Mixed LEDs
    • H W D: 18 x 17 x 9 cm
    • 3-year warranty
    • Weight: 385 g
    • Download operating instructions for Sunrise Alarm