Lumie wake-up lights are like a personal sunrise, a gradually brightening light that gently rouses you from sleep so that you feel naturally wide awake, more energised and ready for the day ahead.

At bedtime, a fading sunset creates an environment where sleep comes easily, leaving you rested and refreshed when you next wake.

Explore Sunrise Alarm and classic Bodyclock wake-up lights for more features to help you wake brighter and sleep well.


Wake up naturally and much more effectively by allowing light to re-set your internal clock that controls your body’s sleep and wake rhythms. By the time you open your eyes, you’re properly awake, alert and feel ready for the day ahead.

As well as being a gentler way to wake up, clinical trials have shown that wake-up lights such as Bodyclock improve the quality of sleep and awakening as well as boosting mood, energy and productivity.

Lumie launched the first ever wake-up light in 1993 and now the British Swimming team use Bodyclock to wake bright and motivated for training on dark, winter mornings.


The right light can also prepare your body for sleep. All Bodyclock include a fading sunset and Luxe models have an additional low-blue light feature to create a healthy sleep environment.

If you have problems drifting off, Lumie wake-up lights have a wide selection of sleep sounds to help you relax and unwind, from classic rainfall to purring kittens.


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