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I can personally vouch for it. Having come across the Lumie lamp slap-bang in the middle of last winter, I saw a marked difference during the second half. I actually felt a little more chipper after day one of using it for 20 minutes first thing, but a week in, I was back. My mood lifted, my energy levels returned to normal, I could (finally) resist the chocolate stash, and – most importantly – I felt like myself again. It might be the best £75 I ever spent.

Best of all, it stops me from looking at my phone as the last thing I do before I go to bed and the first thing I do when I wake up. I’d got so used to squinting blearily at my screen, trying to turn off the alarm, and its brightness left me feeling more awake than sleepy when I tried to go to bed. Because it’s so gradual, with both sound and light, I now wake up feeling more rested and in a better mood and that’s only continued throughout using it.

We love the look of this alarm clock and were amused by its wide range of alarms (goats, anybody?). The sunrise is gentle and the birdsong wakes you up slowly, and the sunset mode proved a relaxing way to wind down, especially as it plays soothing sounds to help you drift off. The clock automatically detects darkness and switches off its screen - an excellent feature if you like your room pitch-black.

“SAD is characterised by the typical features of depression – poor sleep, low mood, irritability, social withdrawal and perhaps overeating, too,” says Sally Norton, a consultant surgeon and weight-loss expert with an interest in SAD. The worst cases may call for antidepressants or cognitive behavioural therapy. Otherwise, you could try spending a few hours every day in front of a lightbox, like the one Rosenthal uses. He recommends the specialist suppliers Lumie.

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects one in three people around the world. Offering 10,000 lux, the thin, Vitamin L lamp will mimic the suns rays and leave you and your loved one feeling refreshed, happier and more energised during the Winter months. Easy to pop away, beautiful enough to keep out.

If you’re on the hunt for a SAD lamp that won’t look out of place in your impeccably designed abode, Lumie’s latest Halo lamp is your saviour. Emitting rays of faux sunlight, the main lamp features a day mode and a night mode. Not only that, but it also includes a slider that allows you to alter its brightness on either mode with a light touch of your fingertip, along with a guide that lets you know how long you should keep it on for each setting. Tailor-made rays of joy. What could be better?

For anyone who needs several cycles of 'snooze' to get up (*guilty face*), Lumie’s clever lighting stops you hating your alarm ringtone for life. Over 30 minutes, it recreates a sunrise that stimulates the hormones that give us get up and go, while suppressing groggy melatonin. At night, use it to read in bed without receiving blue-light frequencies that make the body alert. A 30-minute sunset then signals slumber-time. GLAMOUR panellist and sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski is a fan, as is the GB swimming team, who use it to get up for crazy-o’clock training sessions.

The latest arrival from SAD lamp experts Lumie, Halo is one of the most stylish models around. Designed as a multifunctional light therapy lamp it has you covered from AM to PM and is one to use year-round. Halo simulates sunlight in day mode to improve your mood, energy and focus, while helping to treat the symptoms of winter blues.

Covid-related restrictions may well exaggerate symptoms this year, according to Priory psychiatrist Dr Natasha Bijlani. People working from home and staying indoors more may get even less sun exposure than they would normally. Some people find relief from using SAD light therapy lamps, like the Lumie Vitamin L Slim SAD Light for about 30 minutes each day.

An early riser, Davina has her alarm set for 7am each morning. ‘I wake up to daylight,’ she tells Women’s Health. ‘I’ve got one of those alarms that starts lighting up at 6:30 and gradually lights up the room. Then when I’m naturally supposed to wake up, I wake up.’ Her alarm sound of choice? ‘If I haven’t woken up by 7am, then I’m woken up by birds tweeting, coo-coos, streams and babbling brooks, it’s gorgeous,’ she says.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100. It drastically improved my morning routine, and I've found waking up so much easier ever since my purchase. Trust: this alarm clock's benefits have not faltered. I've been recommending this alarm clock to all of my friends - particularly those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or shift workers that have to wake up really early in the morning.

I have to say, the Lumie is very easy to use and forget about – in a good way. It’s slim design means it’s not cumbersome, and could be easily transported into an office or go with you in a bag if you’re changing locations. As I became more accustomed to the morning blast of light, I kept noticing the positive effects. I definitely felt a boost of energy on most mornings which helped me to last throughout the day.

Light is the most powerful stimulus for synchronising our circadian clock to the 24-hour day," says Dr Revell. All three experts recommend keeping the light dimmed in the evening and increasing the light when you want to get up in the morning. When natural light becomes less prominent in the winter months, wake-up lights can be a good investment. A wake-up light gradually increases in intensity during the final 30 or so minutes of our sleep episode and provides that daily morning signal to our body clock. In addition to the effects on our circadian rhythm, light can also directly improve our mood and alertness, setting us up for the day so that we wake up feeling ready to get up and go."

Studies have found that exposure to natural light in the morning can reset your sleep-wake cycle and help you kip better at night. ‘Light helps to keep your body clock in synch with the external 24-hour day, as it knows when the day has started and can run the daily programme in the right order,’ explains Dr Lederle. If you’re a fan of the snooze button or it’s still dark when you need to wake up, you can fake it! Sunrise alarm clocks come with a bulb that mimics the dawn, using increasing amounts of light to gently rouse you from slumber. Just like a normal alarm clock, you can set it to wake you at a specific time and you can even choose how long it takes to reach maximum brightness. We love the Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB, which also has a fading sunset setting to help you wind down at bedtime.