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Bedbug for kids
Bedbug for kids
3-in-1 sleep aid for babies and children
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Create a calm environment and promote your child’s natural sleep response at bedtime.

Safe & non-alerting
Did you know that alerting blue light  can make it difficult to fall asleep? Bedbug helps minimise blue light in your child's bedroom to help them settle at night.
The night-light is a unique light for babies and children, combining low-blue LED technology with additional restful sleep features.
Smooth and silent light control
With all-purpose bedroom lighting, a soothing sunset and gentle night-light, Bedbug provides low-blue sleep-optimised lighting for the whole of their bedtime routine.

Non-alertingorange nightlight and non-stimulating low-blue light

Non-alerting light for nighttime. The optional night light offers a reassuring glow as your child drifts and offers enough light for feeding, changing and comforting without the tones that trigger wakefulness — helping you both slip easily back to sleep.

Provides plenty of light for reading bedtime stories without the unwanted extra stimulation. When it's time to say goodnight, press a button to start a gradual sunset that will gently dim over 15 minutes.

Sunset with realistic colour change that helps to naturally relax your child. Bedbug has mixed LEDs to mimic the colours of a real sunset. The fading light provides a gentle transition to night and encourages a natural sleep response. You can set Bedbug to turn off at the end of the sunset or remain on at one of two night light levels.

Mixed LEDsto mimic the colours of a real sunset
15 min sunsetwith 2 options: fade-to-off or fade-to-nightlight

Recommended by parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of best-seller "The Gentle Sleep Book".

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Low-blue white, non-alerting orange, red LEDs, 15 minutes sunset, nightlight
16 reviews
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