SAD & energy lights

SAD & energy lights

30–60 min recommended treatment time.Sunlight is a natural mood-booster, influencing body chemistry (melatonin and serotonin levels). If you're indoors, light therapy is proven to put you in a better mood, boost energy and help you to feel more alert. It can also be an effective treatment for SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Research shows bright light of 2,500 lux improves well-being. Outside on a sunny day, you can take advantage of 100,000 lux but in winter there may be only a few hours of very weak light and indoors the brightest office provides only about 500 lux.
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NEW!Halo£219.0010,000 lux at 20 cm, cool and warm-white LEDs, adjustable brightness, warm backlight. Voted the best-looking SAD lamp by The Independent.
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Cambridge University Library logo Our SAD lamps light up the study environment at Cambridge University Library
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SAD light for home and officeDesklamp£144.0010,000 lux at 22 cm, 2 500 lux at 50 cm, removable diffuser, adjustable neck, 4 tap-control light levels.
25 reviews
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two-in-one deviceZest SAD & wake-up light£150.002,000 lux at 50 cm, cool white LEDs, 5 different light levels.
19 reviews
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Best-selling SAD LightVitamin L®£99.0010,000 lux at 20 cm, cool white LEDs, rippled diffuser, portrait or landscape orientation. Game-changer!
240 reviews
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largest SAD lightBrazil£199.0010,000 lux at 35cm, 5,000 lux at 50cm, 3 warm white bulbs. Sunshine in a box!
40 reviews