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Bedbug for children
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does the light stay on during the night?
Bedbug has a nightlight setting which you can set to off, half or full. The optional nightlight offers a reassuring glow as your child drifts and offers enough light for feeding, changing and comforting without the tones that trigger wakefulness, helping you both slip easily back to sleep.
Can you use the nightlight without the sunset?
Yes, you have the option to use the nightlight with the sunset feature or on its own for a constant gentle glow through the night. Non-alerting orange light provides illumination without triggering wakefulness to help you and your child slip back to sleep easily.
Is the light alerting?
Bedbug provides low-blue sleep-optimised lighting for the whole bedtime routine. Keeping blue light to a minimum in your child’s bedroom will help them to settle at night.
Still need help?
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