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Bodyclock Luxe 700FM Support
Bodyclock Luxe 700FM
Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve broken the glass lamp cover of my Bodyclock Luxe 700FM. Can I purchase a replacement lamp cover?
The glass globe is integrated into the Bodyclock Luxe 700FM unit and it will need to come back to us for a chargeable repair. The cost for this repair will be under £30 including UK postage back to you. Please package your product in a suitably sturdy box and include a covering note with reference to the fault and your contact details and address. Send it to the below address:

Lumie, 3 The Links, Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge, CB23 8UD
Why isn’t the light switching off completely at the end of the sunset?
The nightlight feature may be switched on, meaning that the light will stay on at a low level throughout the night after the sunset has finished. You can switch this off within the settings menu by selecting ‘OFF’ next to the nightlight option.
Does the display stay on during the night?
There is an option to keep the display on at a low light during the night so that the time is visible or alternatively, it can be switched off completely.
Why does the sunset finish faster than the selected duration?
The sunset duration is relative to starting from full brightness. If you start your sunset from half brightness, it will take half the time to reach full darkness.
Why isn’t the tap snooze feature working?
Tapping quite firmly on the glass dome of your Bodyclock Luxe 700FM activates the snooze function. It is most sensitive towards the base as that is closer to the sensor. Alternatively, pressing any of the preset buttons (1,2,3,4,5) activates the 9-minute snooze.
Still need help?
If you need to chat with us, you can use the webchat option (available on desktop), or reach us by email at info@lumie.com. We are open Monday-Friday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm and we aim to answer your query within 1 working day. During our busy season, this may be slightly longer, however, we will always answer your query within 1 working week.